Some Baby Products Make You Feel Like You Have the Gross Motor Skills of an Infant

10.  Believing that “easy-to-use” baby products are, in fact, easy to use. No. Be very weary of tag lines such as, “Just turn it inside out, and it becomes a handy carrying case!” Not only is that too long to be a catchy tag line, it just isn’t true. What it really means is, “After struggling to use this fancily designed item for its intended purpose for 10 minutes, and after your child completely loses the plot and breaks down from neglect-induced frustration, just try to turn it inside out, and see how long that takes you. And don’t worry, onlookers are laughing with you, not at you.” This ineptitude when dealing with baby products that supposedly can be mastered with one hand (while carrying Baby in the other, of course) could be a personal problem. If so, I vote for a rating system that discloses actual ease of use. One for people who have a hard time inserting keys in doors; two for folks who haven’t yet mastered a manual can opener; three for people who can properly make up a bed; four for anyone who can successfully pitch a tent; and five for people who can create an Excel spreadsheet, program their Tivo, and construct something from Ikea without instructions.


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