Mind the Handouts

13. Letting Baby eat off my plate. Not to go comparing children and pets again, but (but I’m going to) allowing Eloise to sample the occasional morsel off my lunch or dinner plate, or letting her have a nibble of one of my snacks* has only led to constant begging whenever I’m eating anything. Now both the dog and the baby hover around my feet when I’m trying to enjoy elevenses, under the impression that they’re big fans of hot salsa and flaxseed tortilla chips. They’re kindred spirits, I tell you. And not in a my-child-is-like-a-pet way—it’s more of an E.T. and Elliot thing. This further fuels my concern that Eloise (and the dog, probably) are, in fact, of a different world.

*I am aware that familiarizing infants with a multitude of tastes is recommended by various baby advice-givers, which is why I went ahead and gave it a go. What those advice-givers don’t realize is how much I really, really value my treats.


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