Mommy Made Me Wear Highwaters!

14.  Tucking new clothes away. And then forgetting about them because they’re out in a garage crammed full of madness and hidden in a black and orange bin that makes me think bats and smiling skulls, not Clothes That Will Fit the Baby Now. There are, in fact, Halloween T-shirts in the bin, but there are many, many other duds, some of which would have fit Eloise three months ago, but are now too short or too tight.* And there I was, shamelessly passing off too-small pants as capris. Woops. I need to remember that just because I haven’t done a true wardrobe overall in eons doesn’t mean Eloise should be relegated to wearing items she’s been wearing for months. The horror!

*On a more serious note, if this should happen to you, please get in on the baby clothes trade (perhaps with people you know, or people they know, rather than potentially homicidal folks on Craigslist). Rather than spend my non-riches on new clothes every week, I graciously accepted luxurious goods from two sources, plus the shower loot, of course; and Eloise has been sitting pretty since birth. So pass it on.


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