On Revealing Cluelessness to Others

19.  Being openly clueless in front of other mothers/parents. (I have a feeling this will have multiple sub-entries.) The other night, I went to visit an old pal whose new little lady is a mere two weeks old. I was with it enough to sanitize myself upon entry into her home, but for some reason, I was reluctant to hold my friend’s tiny bundle of joy in the presence of her, her husband, and her sister, as if I’d never held a new baby before. In fact, I was never actually comfortable holding Eloise when she was a newborn. Never felt as though I was doing it quite right (which might explain my horribly wrinkled left arm). Anyhow, that was Ms. Missteps is More Clueless as a Mother Than We Thought, Exhibit A. Exhibit B went as follows:

[Pal, Pal’s husband, Pal’s sister and Ms. Missteps exit newborn’s nursery.]

Ms. Missteps: Oh, it’s just so wonderful. You guys did a really great job.

Pal: Thank you!

[Ms. Missteps examines the mini camping tent-like structure sitting near the door.]

Ms. Missteps: Oh! That’s cute. Little Sara will love that! How fun.

[The three other adults look at each other and then at me.]

Pal: That’s for the cat.

Ms. Missteps: Oh.

To be continued . . .


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