The Soundtrack of My Mommy Mind

26. When routine trips to the park inspire me to break into sudden bursts of kiddie rap. In my mind, at least. It’s not unlike the George Michael “Monkey” incident, but the last several times I’ve taken Eloise to the park—you know, to see who she’ll hug next—this hit by Another Bad Creation (ABC!) from 1991 takes me over. Or perhaps that’s simply the mode my brain goes into when confronted with another round of, “So . . . when did she start walking?” ensues. At any rate, this playground scene is a little, what?—harder—then our local playground scene. But you can understand why these kids were the darlings of Motown in the early 1990s. See, look (thank you, Lyrics Download):

Comin’ from the playground
take it straight back to the bricks
Yo Chris, tell em where it is

Chillin, cooler den a squeak, kickin’ dirt on my sneakers
Suckers on the corner lookin’ down at their beepers
They couldn’t get a job or a nice home
So they wanna stay and wait for the pay-phone
Take JoJo he’s the youngest
Girls jock him cuz he’s reverse dressed
strollin’ through the neighborhood
Sweatin’ their brother tryin’ to see why he’s doin’ good
(sounds of sirens) <————- !!!
Rollin’ through the park tryin’ to make another hit
Little do they know that soldier’s legit
I’m not sayin’ this to put nobody down
This is what I see at the playground . . . ya know!

Mommy probably needs to get to a museum. And quick.

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