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Twitter: perhaps the downfall of man/womankind

I interrupt this hiatus to tell all my non-readers that Missteps in Motherhood has gone modern:



Woe’s me

Losing steam. Finding myself at Target every day. Mysterious bruises taking over my arms and legs (they call it the trenches, but bejesus!). Just made it through the child’s first cold and must make it through much, much more while tackling huge life project that will go unnamed (but let’s just say it’s time-consuming, sometimes tedious, and has been hanging over me [due to my own avoidance of said project] for years now). This here “fun” project has fallen by the wayside. Ditch it or tread on? Watch Glee? Drink some $30 wine?

I do belive I’ve found a winner.

Not now, Honey—I have a headache.

“You are now running on reserve battery power.”

There’s no truer statement this morning. Catch you later today, maybe.